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PK is short for player killing. These rules have been put in place to make the game more enjoyable for those that choose to participate in player killing events. Read them carefully before choosing to engage in PK.


Rule 1: Engaging in PK is optional. New characters have a NOPK flag that protects them from aggressive characters. When you turn this flag off, you signal to the player-base that you are ready to engage in hostile role-play. PK races (see <help races>) have their flag turned off by default and should be chosen with care. Non-PK races who wish to have their NOPK flag restored can contact a member of staff (see <help avatarmail>).

Rule 2: Show OOC consideration towards your fellow players. Remember that everyone is here to have fun. Ensure that you have an IC reason to engage in PK and make it memorable. High level characters should not engage in antagonistic actions towards low level characters without provocation and are expected to show an additional level of OOC consideration towards easy targets. High level characters who repeatedly target lower level characters will find the IC world reacting accordingly.

Rule 3: Antagonistic actions are defined as any action that purposefully provokes or annoys another character. Examples include, but are not limited to: Verbal insults or threats, emoting offensive actions, invasion of privacy, stealing from other players, scrying and using harmful and/or disruptive spells/abilities.

  • If you are a playing a PK-race (see help races), your presence may be considered an antagonistic action by some.
  • Race alone is only considered a valid reason if the intended opponent belongs to a PK-race.


Rule 4: When engaged in a PK event, you are expected to stay online and active. Do not quit or idle out without permission from the participating players. You are expected to stay online for 30 minutes after the last attack happened. In case of emergencies, state your emergency on the OOC line.

Rule 5: Show OOC consideration to your fellow player. Do not leave your opponent bound and unconscious for longer than necessary. Do not take gear that you do not need. Offering the gear of your opponent is not allowed.

Rule 6: Sundering Shadows allows torture, dismemberment, and other forms of punishment/abuse under the following conditions:

  • 6a. Any player may, at any time, call a Fade to Black. It must be complied with. See <help fade to black>.
  • 6b. Any player may, at any time, call for less descriptive emotes. It must be complied with.
  • 6c. Any player may, at any time, ask to be killed rather than to roleplay the consequences of torture, loss of limbs, etc. It must be complied with.
  • 6d. Any scene sexual in nature MUST have the OOC consent of all players involved. Consent may be withdrawn at any time without question. It must be complied with. See <help fade to black>.

Please note: If your fellow players do not comply with a Fade to Black request or do not acknowledge your decision not to give consent to a scene sexual in nature, or your withdrawal of consent, please contact staff, log the event (or copy it if you have not logged it) and remove yourself from the situation. If you are in a PK, this can mean logging off. See <help fade to black> for ways to contact law.


Rule 7: Nobody can be forced to role-play something that they are not comfortable with, or that ruins their fun. You are encouraged to roleplay the repercussions of your actions, but may always choose death over debilitating consequences such as loss of limbs, PTSD, depression, suicide etc. Always remember that you are in charge of how you play your character and how they react to events.

Rule 8: When you engage in, or witness, a player killing incident, you are required to use the <pkmail> command to inform the staff of the following:

  • 8a. Who engaged? When, where and why did it happen?
  • 8b. Were there any witnesses, casualties and/or property damage?
  • 8c. What was the result of your encounter?

Rule 9: Repeatedly assaulting or killing the same character is considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Likewise, killing a person because they killed you (aka revenge killing), either personally or by proxy is not allowed. Also note that characters who repeatedly engage in robberies and/or murder will find the world reacting accordingly: IC actions have IC consequences.

Rule 10: If you are killed in a PK, take a deep breath. Your character will be locked in a special death area where you can calm down and write your <pkmail>. Refer to <help post pk rules> for how to proceed. If you hated the experience, consider opting out of PK by asking the staff for a NOPK flag.

Commands of interest

<bind PLAYER>binds the player
<unbind PLAYER>unbinds the player
<strip PLAYER of ITEM>strips the player of an item/money
<gag PLAYER>gags the player
<ungag PLAYER>removes the player's gag
<hit PLAYER>murders the player/deals a deathblow
<drag PLAYER>starts to drag the player
<drop PLAYER>drops the dragged player
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