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Races on Sundering Shadows refer to different groups of intelligent species that share a set of biological attributes and characteristics, as well as a cultural bond. It is important to note that while the inhabitants of Sundering Shadows use the old D&D term “race”, the modern term “species” would be a better description.

Some races are further divided into subraces, shown with asterisks below. While most races only interbreed, there are a few races that are capable of breeding with others. Their offspring are commonly known as half-breeds.

Standard rollable races:

These standard races are known as “civilized races” or “high races” in the setting. Humans are the most numerous of the civilized races, occupying many regions above ground. The elves are mostly withdrawn into their vast forests, while dwarves reside in the mountains below. Most members of a civilized race are welcome in the settlements of another, if sometimes with an air of distrust.


PK races available to those with a 30+ account:

These advanced races are known as “monster races” or “low races” in human lands. They are dangerous creatures lurking in the darkest forests or lowest caverns. While some form vast and sinister civilizations in the underdark, others lead a marauder's life, ravaging the land of humans and their allies. Members of these monster races are malicious beasts, and are treated as such by the settlements of the higher races.


Warning: PK races are advanced races that will impose disadvantages upon your gameplay. Many are banned in most major cities and treated with scorn and distrust throughout the realm. They start play with their NOPK flag turned off by default and their presence may be considered a provocation (see help PK rules). Enter the realm of PK at your own risk!

Note that any race not rollable at creation is considered a PK race. If your character’s race changes for any reason, you are considered a PK race if either race (old or new) is a PK race.


Templates are added to your character's race and gives you additional strengths and weaknesses. Those that can be chosen at creation are only available to those with a 30+ character on their account. They are PK races.

Templates that may be chosen at creation: Werewolf, Weretiger, Wererat

Templates that may be gained through RP: Agent of Chaos, Deva, Feyborn, Mortuum, Shade, Undead, Vampire

General Information

Your race determines your make-up. Some races are predisposed to being stronger, sturdier, more intelligent, more sensitive to light, etc. than other races. In addition, different races are physically different from others, having different limbs and other types of body parts. In real life, you had no choice. You were born human. In Sundering Shadows' reality, you do get a choice. Do you want a magical character? Or do you want to play the game by brute force? Or perhaps deception or skullduggery? What do you prefer to explore? Do you like dark, enclosed areas? Or do you like well lit castles or the open outdoors? All these questions face you now. Whatever choice you make, so long as it fits the style in which you like to play, will be rewarding. There is neither a best pick nor a worst pick. There is only what is best or worst for your style.

Towards that end, here are some clues:

  • Intelligence and wisdom make the best magic users.
  • Strength and constitution make the best fighters.
  • Dexterity and charisma make the best roguish types.

Note on Physical Features

A small note on physical features of a race, while most race help files have a small amount of examples, those can be expanded on. There are of course limitations on what those can be. If you are unsure if it is setting and/or lore appropriate, please send up and avatar mail or ask on the newbie channel or lore channel on the discord. It's better the staff help you early on to keep within the game's setting at level 6 than when your character reaches level 50 and we don't notice till then.

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