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Playable subraces: shield dwarf, gold dwarf, gray dwarf


Dwarves are short, stocky humanoids typically characterized by their strength and strong constitution. They usually have a ruddy complexion and dark eyes and hair. They keep long beards that they will often braid or decorate so as to keep it out of their way in a good fight, which they love. Dwarves are rather pessimistic and sour and care little for humor, but they are also very hard working. They enjoy a strong drink and love precious metals and gems which they mine in their mountain homes. They also love the earth and have a strong dislike of the sea and other bodies of water. They are not particularly fond of horses because they are hard to ride with the stocky build of a dwarf, but they do not have a problem with ponies. They also have a strong dislike for arcane magic, for which they have no affinity. They are not fond of elves and they hate orcs and goblins with a passion. With the exception of their duergar cousins, most dwarves are of good alignment.

Non-playable subraces:

Arctic dwarf: Known to their own kind as the Inugaakalikurit, these dwarves live in the frozen northern reaches. Mostly concerned with their own survival, they have less care than their southern cousins for hard work or artisanship, and place little emphasis on clan and bloodline. They prefer to pursue leisure activities, and are fairly open and friendly to strangers. Squat and hardy in build, they are much shorter than their cousins, with blue-white skin (often burnt red from time in the sun) and curly white hair.

Urdunnir dwarf: Rumors tell of dwarves that have become one with the stone, so long have they lived within it. Wandering through the heart of the earth, they are said to be able to walk through the very stone they live within. They are described in lore as stocky creatures with skin of pale gray and eyes of silver. They are said to wear their gray hair long, sometimes with silver or black highlights, and men sport carefully groomed beards and moustaches.

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