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Shield dwarf

Stat adjustments +2 constitution, +2 wisdom, -2 charisma
Innate spells none
Size medium
Standard alignments any non-evil
Classes restricted mage, psion, psywarrior, sorcerer, druid, warlock
Normal adventuring starting age 41-70
Average life span 350

Racial Traits:

Hatred +1 to attack bonus when fighting orcs and goblins
Stability +4 to combat maneuver defense
Hardy +2 to saves vs poisons and spells
Low Light Vision +2 to sight bonus to see in the dark


The second common line of dwarf kind, they are less accepting of outsiders than their gold dwarf cousins, being slow to bestow trust on others. They maintain a strong tradition of military skill and warfare, but while they still hold great pride in their bloodlines, more emphasis is placed upon personal achievement. As fond of wealth as their cousins, they do however avoid decadent behaviour and displays, often regarding their more arrogant gold dwarf cousins as naive. They tend to be a little taller than gold dwarves, with fair to lightly tanned skin, and eyes that are usually green or silvered blue. They have red to light brown hair, which they wear long, with males (and some females) sporting carefully groomed beards and moustaches. They tend toward lawful alignments.

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