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Standard resonances allowed: dark
Races allowed: Human and Ratkin


Innate abilities

  • wererat shape
  • darkvision
  • stinking cloud
  • contagion
  • remove disease


-10% silver resistance (-33% in animal or hybrid form)


Wererats are the twisted version of lycanthropy crafted by the plague-alchemists of the ratkin. As with the wolfen, it gifts the human or ratkin with the ability to shift between humanoid, hybrid, and rat forms. In addition, it infects humans with a strong sense of affinity towards their ratkin brethren, drawing them into becoming willing agents against the surface world. They are twisted creatures with a disposition towards the dark.

Wererats are the forerunners of ratkin invasion. Their duty is to lurk in the underbelly of society, locating ways to tear at the stability of the city and send it into chaos and anarchy. Once achieved, the ratkin horde will attack in a writhing swarm of vermin, forbidden alchemy, and bizarre war contraptions to destroy the surface dwellers.

The packrat mentality is strong in those infected, with a desire to amass collections of shiny trinkets (regardless of the actual value). They also favor strong drink, often found in the seedier parts of town where they lurk.

Player characters

You are one of a multitude, either some ratkin that has been blessed/cursed with the disease to enable infiltration, or a human seen as useful enough to infect and conscript into the clan. The instinct to adhere to your clan or pack or warren is strong, enhanced by the disease coursing through your veins. As a creation of the ratkin, your service will be expected by the ratkin. Disobedience would be seen as a failure, with a need to destroy the failed experiment by your furry brethren.

Warning: This is an advanced race, known as a PK-race. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: If revealed, you may be attacked on sight and shunned in cities throughout the realm. You start with your NOPK-flag turned off and other players may attack you because of your race. You may not, however, attack a player of a standard race without additional provocation.

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