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Resonances allowed: Dark


  • All features of Undead template apply
  • 50% cold resistance
  • 50% fire vulnerability
  • 25% bludgeoning vulnerability
  • +2 spell resistance
  • crit damage resistance
  • Can not be resurrected
  • Innate Spells
    • cone of cold
    • create undead
    • create greater undead
    • exhume corpses
    • aura of dread


Master necromancers in life, the mortuum are beings of such staggering arcane, psionic or divine power that they have, through pure study and will power alone, learned to reject the pull of Lysara's domain, refusing to be fettered by the mortal mundanity of death.

They have, through patronage to an elder being, devotion to their god or an understanding of the mind and body, learned secrets thought long forgotten, allowing them to surpass the potential of even a Gravecaller, gaining a body that may wither and die, but will never fail them!

Unquestionably evil beings, the mortuum find their paths twisted, growing cunning and cruel as they survive where lesser beings do not, amassing great and powerful artifacts, erecting vast towers of forbidden knowledge and ultimately, proving that they are the supreme undead.

Though most mortuum are allowed their freedoms by Nilith, it is not unknown for a powerful mage in service to Lord Shadow to find the Scion's personal blessing, having proven themselves to be adept arcanists, faithful priests or mindful psionics.

It must be noted however that the undead power of a mortuum is not the undead graft of Nilith; it is entirely independent, a state masterfully achieved by the abilities of the mortuum in life and their patrons. It is therefore, exceptionally insulting to a mortuum to be compared to one of the chosen of Nilith and is often grounds for the person to have insulted them, to find themselves with an exceptionally long lived enemy.

Physically, the mortuum resemble their forms in life, though they all share features that are only enhanced as their bodies continue to wither with age.

  • The mortuum are all gaunt and sickly in aspect, a holdover from the concoction of virulent poisons and necromantic energies that they used to gain their staggering power.
  • All mortuum have yellowed sclera and a blazing pin-prick of light where their pupil should be, a mark of their unnatural state.
  • As the mortuum ages, their bodies become ravaged by the passage of time, ultimately culminating in a form that is less identifiable as something once living and coming to embody undeath itself; some mortuum are skeletal. Some resemble tattered zombies and yet others choose, in their vanity, to preserve their mortal form with spells of repose.

Warning: Playing a mortuum character imposes severe punitive mechanical elements onto your gameplay. You will be harmed by most means of healing. Many spells will cause greater damage to you. You will be brought down almost everywhere if you are found to be undead, and other players will have additional reasons to engage in pk against you.

Note: Vampire is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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