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Standard resonances: Light
Deities allowed: Jarmila, Kreysneothosies, Callamir, Edea
Races allowed: Any



  • No aging, age category is always normal
  • 25% Acid, Electricity and Divine resistance
  • 30 Spell damage resistance
  • 2 sight bonus to see in the dark
  • 10 Damage resistance against dark resonances
  • Innate holy smite, dimension door, cure light wounds, invisibility, light, remove disease, remove fear, and true seeing spells
  • Can only attack non-light resonance people
  • Flight ability


“Deva” is a template that can be applied to any living creature in order to transform it into a divine being, directly serving the will of a light-aligned god. They are winged beings with otherworldly complexions which stand out in a crowd.

In the aftermath of the Silence, a power struggle ensued as new, nascent gods asserted their claims over the domains and followers of the world. The light-aligned gods called upon those of true faith to carry out their will. Heroes and martyrs alike were gifted great divine powers for their undying service.

Player characters

Playing as a deva is hazardous. You have a single-minded purpose to carry out and enforce the will of your chosen deity and this will put you at odds with those with differing views. You are alien to most people and most lesser beings will find it difficult to understand the greater purpose you serve. Deva tend to think in absolutes, with a single-minded view on the right course of action. Deva do not get involved in mortal affairs, such as politics or war. They protect the innocent at all costs and do not initiate fights except to cleanse the world of evil.

This template is gifted through great service to a light-aligned god.

Warning: This is an advanced character template. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: Deva are like beacons of light in the dark, and often attract the ire of evil beings around them.

Note: Deva is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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