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From The Chronicles of Coral Cerévién, Chronicler of Twilight, - 200 SG.

The Beginning

A Fallen Saint, A Seed Reborn
By torment forged and darkness torn
To grow and fester deep within
A battle waged, Oh, Reclaimed Son
The Herald fall to Nightmare's con
The Just astray, by traitor's kin

The Spawn

A Child redeemed, A sin undone
As darkness spread, A hope long gone
May loss and wanton rage retrieve
May suffer true, the false befall
The Herald heed, the Nightmare's call
By loss and love a spawn conceive

The Nightwalker

May bones and dust, us thus align
By plague and death, the true malign
And ask the Dead to Dance once more
Dear call upon the Night's own King
To eat the weak and strong unstring
And bathe the earth in Shadow's gore.

The Spawn's Death

What torment forged and darkness wrought
By Light's own Hand, may death be brought
And grant the spawn eternal sleep
Such pure a soul, as light's own lamb
May Darkness judge and evil sham
Her power be, by those who reap

The Elementalist

By chaos wrought, the faltered flock
May wrath consume, both air and rock
The planes be brought to crash again
When fire eats the river dry
And earth pollutes an auburn sky
The Awakened may Imbalance chain

The God of War

When reigns supreme, Eternal Night
A world devoured by lust and fright
Be free, once more, Night's own King
Then Rise to stay the demon's hand
Our Lord of War will walk the land
And lead the victor's bells to ring

The Awakening of Edea

When Darkness wins and reigns supreme
Unite the hearts and light Life's Beam
For Night cannot be Night alone
The Night unchained, the Light inflamed
By need reborn and balance claimed
Will call her Sister to atone

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