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Resonances allowed: Dark
Races allowed: Most commonly human, but can be any living humanoid


Shadow Infusion:

  • No aging, age category is always normal
  • 5 sight bonus to see in the dark
  • Fast healing in darkness
  • damage resistance depending on light in room
  • 50% void and cold resistance
  • - 25% radiant resistance
  • Slightly harder to hit in darkness, slightly easier to hit in light
  • Innate shadow stride, shadow travel, listening shadow, deeper darkness, and invisibility spells


“Shade” is a template that can be applied to any living creature in order to transform it into a living being that is infused with void energy from the Shadow Plane. In normal light, they are visually indistinguishable from other members of their base race. But as darkness falls, their true nature becomes more and more apparent. A shade's unnatural nature requires a disposition towards the dark.

During the fall of the Zin'Charu empire, over a thousand years ago, a single city escaped destruction through the supreme efforts of a powerful mage, now known as Lord Shadow. The city was transported into the Plane of Shadows, where it existed for a millenia. During that time, the people, now known as the Shadovar, fought a never ending battle for survival against the horrors of the plane. Such was the existential fight that it was inevitable that the great minds of the city found a way to use the void energy all around them to their own benefit. A process was devised which would grant great power to an individual, infusing them with pure void energy and transforming them into a shade.

In recent times, the Shadovar were returned to the prime plane, and the Shadovar have begun to once more spread their influence. Lord Shadow and the Princes of Tenebrosa grant the shadow infusion to the most loyal and capable of their subjects, a great reward to showcase the great power of Lord Shadow.

Player characters

Playing as a shade can be difficult. Their very nature will engender hatred from most people, and fear in others. However, they are no mere monsters. They carry out Lord Shadow's bidding within the bounds of the law. Most of their actions are performed with a long-term plan in mind.

This template is gifted through great service to Lord Shadow and the shadovar.

Warning: This is an advanced character template. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: If revealed, you may be attacked on sight and shunned in good-aligned cities.

Note: Shade is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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