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Resonances allowed: Dark


  • all features of undead template apply
  • can use <drain> command
  • cha score used for hp bonus
  • innate spells
    • create spawn
    • dominate
    • gaseous form
    • night swarm
    • sleep
    • spider climb
    • twilight shape
  • resistances
    • + 10 spell damage resistance
    • + 50% electricity resistance
    • - 25% silver resistance
    • - 25% divine resistance
  • fast healing 5
  • sunlight damage
  • garlic intolerance
  • blood hunger causes negative effects
    • damage to will
    • damage to cha and str score
    • damage to fast healing
  • can't be raised after discorporation


A vampire is an acquired template over the undead template. Thus it inherits all properties of the undead template, and also that of the parent race. However, the way vampires come into being, and the existence itself, are cardinally different from that of other undead monsters. The template sets the creature's resonance to dark.

Unlike common higher undead, vampires have a demonic origin in the world. Although there is much speculation over specifics of their existence, academia is inclined to believe that true vampires come into existence when a succubus kisses the mortal it truly loves. Evidence is scarce as to whether vampires can share the curse with mortals. There are some stories of careless adventurers catching the curse as a disease, but vampirism is so rare that only a few have resources to study vampirism beyond theoretical speculations.


Hunger is perhaps a misleading term to describe a vampire's lust for consciousness. As unliving things, they technically require no sustenance, and yet “ravenous” is often considered a key characteristic of those who walk without life. In truth, this desire is driven not by need, but by psychological greed. Feasting grants the undead no physical nourishment, but it does fill them with a pleasure and power they cannot attain by any other means. For undead, the act of feeding can be likened to that of an addict satiating her inner demons. The basest monsters pursue their addiction to the exclusion of anything else, but vampires and other greater undead are closer to functioning addicts, simultaneously managing their hunger and their more high-minded schemes.

For vampires, managing their hunger is an integral part of unlife. Some revel in the feast, but for others it is nothing but a constant source of stress and shame.


Vampires are not your little sister's crystalline brooding anti-heroes. Don't be mistaken: you play a truly alien monster whose motives and thinking has nothing to do with those that mortals share. Your primary goal will always be your own survival. Everyone gets an excuse to kill you because of who you are. Improper roleplay and carelessness will lead to your death.

A vampire's hunger is defined by her blood hunger parameter. A vampire's fast healing, str and cha stats, as well as will save will deteriorate as hunger increases. At its highest hunger, the vampire will receive -10 penalty to strength, charisma, will, and -4 to fast healing. The sun will also become deadly for her. To return to sanity, a vampire must satisfy her hunger by draining living victims.

Daylight will always affect a vampire. If a vampire is found outside during the day, she looses her vampiric bonus to fast healing. If she is blood hungry, she will start flamelessly burning, which can become noticeable, although most of the people won't understand why it is happening. The harm will eventualy kill her.

Hunger is tracked with the $B parameter found on the prompt and in <score>. You can saturate it with the <drain> command. Draining increases max hp points, and heals. Just one feeding is sufficient to reset saturation.

Warning: This is an advanced race, known as a PK-race. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: If revealed, you may be attacked on sight and shunned in cities throughout the realm. You start with your NOPK-flag turned off and other players may attack you because of your race. You may not, however, attack a player of a standard race without additional provocation.

Note: Vampire is an acquired template that may only be gained through RP and avatar-interaction.

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