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Stat adjustments +4 dexterity, -2 strength
Innate spells none
Standard resonances dark
Classes allowed barbarian, cleric, druid, fighter, oracle, sorcerer, thief, warlock
Normal adventuring starting age 13-19
Average life span 50
Size Small

Racial Traits

Cave Crawler +4 to stealth and athletics
Oversized Ears +4 to perception
Night Race light and dark reversed


Goblins are small, vicious-looking, innately dark creatures with pointy ears, flat noses, and wide mouths with small, sharp fangs. They are often called greenskins, but their skin color actually ranges from yellow to orange, and their eyes are usually a bright red or yellow. They speak in a high-pitched, harsh voice and, although they tend to have low intelligence, are inclined to know the languages of other pest-type creatures, such as kobolds and hobgoblins, and the equally crude orcs. Goblins are vicious and destructive creatures with a natural disposition towards the dark.

Goblins tend to be cowardly and will usually ambush their foes but only if they outnumber them significantly. They have little interest in practical pursuits and usually acquire goods by stealing them. Female goblins never engage in battle, and the tribes have very strict pecking orders. They fight viciously among themselves to move up in status. They have no sanitation in the underground lairs or ruins they inhabit and usually reek of the stench. They seem to have a natural resistance to the diseases that living in such filth breeds, but still have relatively short life spans.

Goblins will often enslave those they can overpower, keeping them chained to be used for either labor or a food source. They have an innate hatred of more civilized or intelligent races, especially gnomes and dwarves, which they work to exterminate where possible. They are carnivores and will eat any creature, including humans, though they often kill just for the pleasure of it. Since goblins are such crude, vile creatures and extreme pests that tend to spoil the lands around their lairs, all the higher races such as humans, elvenkind, firbolgs, and even halflings will do all they can to drive them from any areas they inhabit. They are also usually bullied around or enslaved by the larger uncivilized races such as hobgoblins, gnolls, ogres, orcs and half-ogres.

Warning: This is an advanced race, known as a PK-race. It imposes disadvantages on your gameplay: You will be banned in most cities and shunned across the realm. You start with your NOPK-flag turned off and other players may attack you because of your race. You may not, however, attack a player of a standard race without additional provocation.


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