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Stat adjustments +4 strength, -2 dexterity, +2 constitution, -2 intelligence
Innate spells speak with animals, ghost step, treeshape
Size large
Standard alignments neutral good, true neutral, chaotic good
Classes allowed barbarian, druid, fighter, ranger, sorcerer, thief
Normal adventuring starting age 76-105
Average life span 350

Racial Traits

Natural Armor +4 natural armor
Tracker +2 to stealth and survival
Low Light Vision +2 to sight bonus to see in the dark
Keen Senses +2 to perception


Voadkyn are also known as wood giants and generally resemble giant-sized wood elves.

Voadkyn are the wardens of the deepest, wildest portions of the world's forests. Unlike many of their kin, voadkyn are slow to anger, peaceful, and artistic, and display an infinite patience in their duty. A voadkyn's role is to preserve and protect the wilderness, a role they believe that nature itself granted them, the proof of which manifests in their magical abilities tied to the natural world.

Voadkyn culture is as complex as their forest homes. Much of a tribe's time is spent tending to a forest's health: planting new trees, clearing away dead brush, and hunting abominations that pervert the natural order. Individuals may even cultivate their forest homes into elaborate demesnes, mazes, or living temples. They are an isolated race, only rarely meeting to trade with other tribes or the occasional elven settlement. While primarily good-natured, voadkyn are distrustful of outsiders and prone to great melancholies.

Small clans claim enormous tracts of wooded land, but rarely build permanent homes. Members may spread out over their entire region by day only to gather and bed down, exposed to the elements, after sundown. In harsh weather, tribes cluster close together in the densest thickets with their backs turned outward.

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