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Stat adjustments +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +2 wisdom, -2 intelligence, -2 charisma
Innate spells calm animal
Standard alignments any
Size Medium
Classes restricted paladin, mage, magus, psion, psywarrior, warlock, inquisitor
Normal adventuring starting age 14-23
Average life span 90

Racial Traits

Alert +2 to reflex saves
Tough Hide +2 natural armor
Nocturnal +2 to sight bonus to see in the dark
Pouncer +2 athletics, +2 stealth


Beastkin are short, slender humanoids with a fine layer of fur or feathers covering their bodies. They have various appearances that largely depend on the tribe of their origin. Most beastkin are native to the Charu Mountains, but there are many enclaves scattered across the world.

Beastkin are tribal creatures, living in loosely organized and self-sufficient communities. Animalistic in nature, their tribes are usually dedicated to a particular animal or bird totem deity, which influences their appearance. They seek to avoid combat and contact with others except to defend themselves, which they do with remarkable ferocity. They are most fond of spears, axes, and knives, and both these weapons and their garments are usually crafted of natural materials. They possess a healthy curiosity to learn and see new things. The history of their race before they met others has been lost to illiteracy and unreliable oral storytelling.

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