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Playable Subraces: canine, feline, ursine, simian, avian


Isolationist and xenophobic of outsiders and even other beastkin of different tribes, these are a wild and dangerous people, as in tune with their totemic animal as they are with nature. To a beastkin, no matter the tribe, their status is dependent on their animal totem; adherence being more biological than any personal choice. They are not simply upright beasts, but neither are they civilized, instead inhabiting a primal border between those concepts. And all, without exception, are inherently beholden to the whims and behavioral habits of that totem. The more a beastkin holds true to the standards of their totem (through social priorities, virtues, or animalistic traits), the more respected they are within their tribes. Working against these standards or exhibiting behaviors alien to their totem is often considered madness, which generally leads to being offered to their totemic spirit as a sacrifice to appease the wrath of the gods that cursed that person, as much as it is to save face and preserve the stability of the tribe. These strongly bestial looking people are more at home in the wilds than elves, but lack any of the ‘civility’ that elves are known for.

Because of their affinity with the fundamental forces of nature, the beastkin, regardless of tribe or ethos, are a grounded people. The esoteric abilities of a mage or warlock are beyond their scope, as are the calls of faith such as a paladin or inquisitor, who would expect them to place value beyond that of their tribe.

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