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Radiant Servant

Requirements:Level 20 Base class (Cleric, Oracle, or Druid)
Light Resonance
10 Points spent in the Heal Skill
20 Stat used for casting for your class
Class Feats:L1: light in the darkness
L4: radiant aura
L7: holy purpose

Radiant servants are divine casters who have dedicated their lives to bringing light to the darkness of the world and cleansing corruption wherever it may lie. Unlike Crimson Templars, who prefer more forceful methods to achieve their ends, Radiant Servants choose to employ mercy, hope, and light to encourage others to seek out the goodness in their own hearts. They are truly the beacons of hope in a world filled with darkness and despair.

Although they prefer peace, Radiant Servants are also instruments of holy wrath, striking down all those who would bring harm to the innocent and helpless. They are more specialized than Hierophants, gaining bonuses to their healing abilities and radiant damage spells. Although clerics are particularly suited as Radiant Servants, it is not unheard of to see Oracles or Druids take on this role of healer, protector and cleanser of corruption.

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