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Radiant Servant

Requirements:Level 20 Base class (Renewal Cleric, Life Mystery Oracle, or Renewal Druid
10 Points spent in the Heal Skill
20 Stat used for casting for your class
Class Feats:L1: contingent healing
L4: radiant aura
L7: supreme healer

Radiant Servants are clerics who have dedicated their lives to the art and skill of healing. They are peerless when it comes to healing the injured. A first level radiant servant gains the contingent healing feat which allows them to automatically heal any sufficiently injured member of their party. This automatic healing happens in addition to, and regardless of any other actions that the radiant servant takes in the round. Only incapacitation of some sort can prevent the radiant servant from healing the most wounded of his or her allies. At level four, a radiant servant gains the ability to project an aura of healing. This aura will heal injured party members continually until they are at full health and can only be stopped by knocking the radiant servant unconscious or killing him. Finally, at level seven a radiant servant gains the ability to cast any wound-curing spell that she knows at will and an unlimited amount of times per day, without needing to prepare those spells. In effect, the only way to prevent a high level radiant servant from healing his or her allies is to render them unconscious or kill them.

Radiant Servants channel healing energy directly from their deity, and while they are blessed with extraordinary healing abilities, they are no more favored or disfavored than other priests of their faiths in matters not related to healing. They are, however, without equal when it comes to keeping groups of allies alive. A group with a radiant servant in their midst is a very difficult group to defeat.

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