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Stat requirements: 15 wisdom
Alignments allowed: LN, NG, TN, NE, CN
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: fort/will strong, reflex weak
Class Skills: endurance, healing, perception, survival
Class Feats: L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, spell focus, divine domain
L3: tracklessstep
L4: shapeshift
L9: venom immunity
L11: wild speech, wild knowledge
L15: timeless body
Also: one bonus hybrid feat at L21, and every five class levels thereafter

Druids are champions of nature, though they claim no power over it. Instead, a druid's power comes from being one with the natural world, reveling in the awesome destructive power of a storm and finding strength in the gentle rejuvenating potential of a calm pool. Druids are a mixed lot, following the paths of various deities and even holding to diverse truths about the natural world. As such, any two druids may not see eye-to-eye on many matters, including the very essence of nature itself. Many druids prefer to be solitary.

Druidic oaths: Druids train with natural weapons and armor, and they further take traditional oaths that restrict them from using metal armor. Druids avoid carrying much worked metal at all, believing that it interferes with the pure nature of the wilds. The reasoning behind these oaths depend on the druid's background.

Druids prepare individual spells with the <prepare> command from the druid spell list, which you can view with the <spells druid (by level)> command. They can cast prepared spells with the <cast> command. To see which spells you have prepared, use <recall druid spells>. To remove a spell from the list, use the <forget> command.

They may choose one domain from the following list: ir, animal, cold, earth, fire, plant, renewal. The spells from that domain are added to their list of available spells and can be prepared normally.

Druids also get the following cantrips (type 'recall cantrip spells'): Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Resistance, Light, Mending

They can cast in any armor they can wear, but not while wielding anything.

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