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A fade to black is called when someone is uncomfortable playing out a scene that may be traumatic, in detail. It must be respected and complied with immediately.

If you are uncomfortable in a RP situation that may be traumatic or triggering, consider whether it is possible for your character to remove themselves from the situation and allow others to continue. If this is not an option you may, at any time and for any reason, call a Fade to Black. Other players and immortals must comply and immediately end the current scene. This can be done over the OOC line, or via <say> and/or <emote>.

Note that you cannot use Fade to Black to avoid consequences, only to avoid roleplaying scenes out in detail.

Once a fade to black call is made, players and immortals (if applicable) should discuss the situation OOC and agree on the outcome of the RP:

  • What happened?
  • What are the results?
  • How should your characters perceive each other in the future?

If this was a hostile situation, the result must be sent to staff via pkmail or avatarmail.

When discussing the outcome of a fade to black, always remember:

  • A Fade to black does not allow someone to avoid consequences, only to avoid roleplaying them out in detail.
  • In a PK, however, the victim may always choose death over debilitating long term effects such as loss of limbs, etc.
  • Any scene sexual in nature must have OOC consent, regardless of a fade to black. If there is no OOC consent, the scene cannot happen. The players should come up with an alternative solution and go from there.

If a fade to black call is not respected, contact the staff. If a staff member is not available, quit the game and contact LAW at or via <lawmail>in game.

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