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The Fade Away rule has been put into place to allow players to abstain from situations that may be traumatic or triggering to them without compromising their character's ideals.

When can I use Fade Away?

Fade Away can be used when you accidently happen upon a scene that may be traumatic and that you would feel uncomfortable getting involved in, either by walking in on it, by scrying it, or by being contacted by another character.

When can I NOT use Fade Away?

You cannot use Fade Away in scenes that you are already a part of, or to avoid the consequences of your own actions. In these cases, see <help fade to black>. You cannot use Fade Away to avoid RP in general.

How does Fade Away work?

A character who invokes the Fade Away rule, announces this to the room either by say, emote or on the OOC line. They immediately leave the vicinity of the scene and ignore (and forget) its existence. Other players ignore the character and can continue their scene. The invoking character should not return to the area where the scene is taking place until it is resolved.

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