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The psion known as the egoist focuses on changing physical properties of a creature, thing, or condition. Most often the object in question is the psion himself, as it is over this creature that he naturally has the most power. An egoist can will his body into different conditions, from helping himself meld into backgrounds to giving himself a temporary boost to attributes. These abilities make the egoist a particularly powerful psion on his own.

Discipline specific feats are as follows:

L2 : metabolic healing
L11: resilient body
L21: infused form

Discipline specific spells are as follows:

thicken skin
animal affinity
resist death
breath of life
empathic relief
rewind age
lesser transformation
shadow double
shadow body

These are optional guidelines you may follow while roleplaying your psion character. Much of it could be obvious to you from the name of the discipline. As always, you are welcome to take another path envisioned by your imagination:

Personality Traits: An egoist is often brash and self-assured, preferring his own company above all others. Many egoists find themselves superior to others, a reason in part for their name. If an egoist has a flaw, it is often the inability to see mistakes he may make, though this is not true of particularly clever egoists who have learned to recognize their faults.

Roleplay Considerations: Because of the type of psionics an egoist focuses on, his latent powers often manifest themselves in an ability to make minor alterations to his appearance. For example, an egoist might focus on his hand, making it grow claws for a moment. This type of alteration will take concentration and cannot be used as a disguise.

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