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New characters have a NOPK flag that protects them from aggressive characters.

To opt into PK (player killing), turn the flag off with the <set> command. When you turn this flag off, you signal to the player base that you are ready to engage in hostile roleplay. Ensure that you have read our <rules> and <post pk rules> carefully before dropping your flag.

While under the protection of a NOPK flag, you may not take any antagonistic actions towards other players. If someone provokes you, it is your responsibility to back out of a hostile situation or turn your NOPK flag off. If a conflict starts in your room, you must leave.

If you have opted into PK, you may not purposefully antagonize a character with an active NOPK flag, or attempt to pull them into a hostile situation. You may however <threaten> them if provoked, and otherwise roleplay in accordance with your character.

Non-PK races who are not in an active conflict and wish to have their NOPK flag restored, can contact a member of staff via <avatarmail>.


Some races, known as advanced races or PK races, have their NOPK flag turned off at creation. These races can be identified by the red warning in their individual help file, and should also be listed in <help races>.

If your character's race changes for any reason and either race (old or new) is a PK Race, you are considered a PK race while the changes are in effect.


Antagonistic actions are defined as any action that purposely provokes or annoys another character. See <help rules> for examples. Note that antagonistic does not equal villainous. If you witness a crime as a NOPK character, you are not allowed to act on that information if doing so would inconvenience the perpetrator. You are, however, allowed to send up a pkmail/avatarmail alerting us of the event.


An avatar may decide that their plot is unsuitable for NOPK characters. In these situations, the avatar will give you the option of removing your flag or withdraw from the plot.


Characters that die in PK are given a temporary NOPK flag, even if they are of a PK race. When under the protection of this flag, you must follow the rules outlined above, in addition to those found in <help post pk>.

Remember that it is your responsibility to avoid hostile situations while you have the flag: Stay away from known enemies and areas where your presence may lead to conflict, and back out of any potentially hostile situation. hostile situation.

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