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Demipower of the Nine Hells

Ascended Prince of the Nine Hells, Archfiend of the Black Rose
Domain: tyranny, slavery, pride, contracts
Symbol: a clawed hand curled into fist inside of an arcane circle, gripping a black rose
Sacred Items/Creatures: black roses, serpents
Resonance: Dark
Spell Domains: evil, law, charm
Allies: Lord Shadow, Seija
Enemies: Jarmila, Callamir, Nilith, Khyron, Nimnavanon


Not much is known about Mephasm, but it is rumored he was an archdevil in service to Asmodeus before the onset of the Silence, when the Nine Hells were cast into chaos by the sudden absence of their god and the reigning archdevils. A power struggle inevitably ensued, and through a mixture of charm, trickery, willpower and strength, Mephasm rose to the top, finally claiming supremacy in 755 SG with the help of a pact made with Seija. He showed her that his fight with the demons of the abyss was very similar to her fight to keep the elements in balance, an existential necessity, but that he must first gain supremacy to carry out this important task. In return for her divine help, the pact was made. Mephasm was sealed away from the Prime Material plane and can only acquire the souls of those who agree, through contract, to serve him. It is said that he now is bent on rebuilding the Nine Hells in his image, consolidating his power, and seeking out souls from the prime to twist into a renewed army of devils to fight against the demons of the abyss.

Regards to Undead

The faithful of Mephasm have no reservations about using undead, other than the perceived lower quality of such minions when compared to devils.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful detest demons, devas, fey and fey blooded, and good-aligned celestials. They greatly revere devils.


Crimson robes with gold embroidery worn beneath a black leather cape, with the symbol of a black rose set upon it.


Know your place and know the places of those around you. Gain strength, for the strong rightfully rule the weak, who owe their masters unwavering loyalty. Use whatever tools necessary, be they charm, flattery, strength or cunning, to gain advantage over your foes and turn even the worst of situations to your favor.


Mephasm accepts followers of dark and twilight resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the dark.

Faith-based groups

  • The Order of the Eclipse: A monastic organization originating in the Wildlands, the Order of the Eclipse is dedicated to the promulgation of law and the abolishment of chaos. To this end they see the practices and activities of the Nine Hells as something to emulate. The Order is often seeking ancient tomes and rituals to draw power from the Nine Hells, and to summon its denizens. They are not concerned with the morality of their methods, only the end result. The monks of the Order operate as the spiritual leadership, while a contingent of hellknights works alongside them to enact the Order's will.

Note: Mephasm is a demigod/lesser deity that has not formally established himself amongst the pantheon. There may or may not be temples or even widespread knowledge of his existence.

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