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Demipower of the Prime Material
Minienal, the Revolutionary

Domain: slaves, revolution, freedom, insurrection, change, elves
Symbol: a raised fist breaking free of a shackle
Sacred Items/Creatures: slaves, oppressed peoples, freedom fighters, elves, stones, spears, pitchforks and shovels
Resonance: Twilight
Spell Domains: chaos, freedom
Allies: Callamir, Khyron
Enemies: Kreysneothosies, Lord Shadow


Minienal was born as a moon elf slave in Tonovi, though little else is known about him. He became a charismatic leader amongst the Tonovi slaves and led a massive and violent revolt in 752 SG, resulting in a prolonged siege of the city. Unfortunately, Nurval had just awakened a greater Nightwalker, known as the Night's Own King, and the creature and its undead fell upon the besieging slaves, causing a massive slaughter. In a strange turn of events, the gates of Tonovi were opened, allowing the slaves, and the undead, into the city to run amok. Minienal, along with a group of heroes, faced the Nightwalker in the middle of the city and defeated the creature. Minienal took up the being's divine essence and absorbed it, becoming the demigod Velik.

Regards to Undead

The faithful of Velik abhor undead as the ultimate representation of slavery and oppression.

Regards to Outsiders

The faithful are largely indifferent to outsiders.


The followers of Velik have no formal attire. They, in fact, rail against such formality as a suppression of personal expression. Instead, they tend to wear clothing that pushes the boundaries of what is normal or socially acceptable.


Personal freedom in this world is paramount, above all other concerns. Take your control of your life with determination, expertise, or with force from your oppressor's dead hands. Inspire others around you to break their shackles and scrape and fight with every fiber of their being for freedom, for themselves and for others. Topple all governments who impose their laws upon the masses to control their destiny.


Velik accepts followers of all resonances, but only bestows his divine powers upon those of the twilight.

Note: Velik is a demigod/lesser deity that has not formally established himself amongst the pantheon. There may or may not be temples or even widespread knowledge of his existence.

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