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Demipower of the Prime Material
The Devourer From Within

Domain: plagues, infestations, pestilence
Symbol: a wriggling pile of maggots in the shape of a skull
Sacred Items/Creatures: bezoar, cinnabar, flies, leeches, rats
Resonance: Dark
Spell domains: plague, evil
Allies: The Faceless One
Enemies: Jarmila, Nimnavanon, Lysara


Several stories are told about Ebolek's origins, the most popular being that it started as a maggot eating away at a fallen god's corpse after the Silence. It grew and mutated by that thread of divinity until completely filling the hollowed out skin. Now, it moves about in a perpetually rotting parody of a humanoid form, rips and tears in the skin revealing the bloated white flesh beneath. It lurks in the dark, diseased corners of the wilds, constantly seeking new diseases, pestilence, and vermin to corrupt the lush wilds. Some rumors claim that Ebolek likes to disguise itself to travel the civilized lands, only revealed to those who can pierce the deceit and detect the rot beneath the veil.

Regards to Undead

Undead are not reviled, but they are not valued either except as simple tools. Undead flesh does not benefit the spread of disease.

Regards to Outsiders

Ebolek is completely indifferent to outsiders.


Vestments are often ragged gray-green robes, frayed along the edges. It is common for this clothing to be splotched or discolored by various ichors when the faithful work in concocting new contagions or diseases.


All worship to Ebolek, that the touch of Its plagues and pestilence might pass over you. Make plentiful offerings of food and drink to briefly sate Its eternal hunger. The richness of nature is there to feed Ebolek and Its swarms, to feed and grow and multiply in order to spread Its plagues. The devout should seek to spread Its blessings, finding new ways to taint and corrupt the healthy and the strong, to bring them to their knees before It.


Ebolek accepts followers of dark and twilight resonances, but only bestows her powers upon those of the dark.

Faith-based groups

* The Witches of Systyquah: A gathering of trolls, these witches make offerings to Ebolek for inspiration in creating strange concoctions to use against their enemies, relying on the trolls' natural hardiness and regeneration to resist the effects that would devastate lesser races.

Note: Ebolek is a demigod/lesser deity that has not formally established himself amongst the pantheon. There may or may not be temples or even widespread knowledge of his existence.

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