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Demipower of the Prime Material
Eucalia the Unbound

Domain: groves, forests, explosive growth, peace, serenity
Symbol: a hoop of encircling vines protecting a seedling
Sacred Items/Creatures: leaves, pools of algae-laden water, thorny vines
Resonance: Light
Spell Domains: plant, renewal
Allies: Nimnavanon, Callamir, Edea
Enemies: Khyron, Lord Shadow, Nilith


Eucalia, it is rumored, lived her life as a dryad, deep in the Kilkean forest, seemingly living a completely solitary life, far from even the other dryads in the Moonstone Vale. In 751 SG, the long night began, and the many forests of the world began to die off, withering in the lack of sunlight. Eucalia, seeing the desperation of the situation, began to gather seeds within her bosom in order to protect them from the cold, shadows, and darkness. While the last of the plants died off and the animals and people of the world starved, Eucalia curled herself around the seeds in a protective cocoon, whispering prayers as she perished, giving her life to protect the sanctity of the seeds inside her. When Edea was awakened, her prayers were heard, and Eucalia was returned to life, filled with divine energy. As the light returned to the world, she planted her seeds and blessed them, causing them to grow with enhanced vigor and speed. It is said, among her followers, that all living plants that exist within the world are descended from those seeds.

Regards to Undead

The undead are abhorred completely by Eucalia.

Regards to Outsiders

Followers abhors demons and devils (including demon/devil blooded), and shadow creatures. They tolerate deva, einherjar and other celestials, but do not revere them. They revere good-aligned fey outsiders.


Faithful of Eucalia usually adorn themselves with natural materials, typically involving patchwork robes made of leaves, branches and twigs.


Nourish and encourage growth and life wherever you go. Engender good will between the forests and the sapient creatures of the world and encourage harmony. Protect the forests from those who would exploit them or endanger the sanctity of life within. Encourage peaceful visitors to the forest so that they might see the beauty and glory of all things the forest has to offer.


Eucalia accepts followers of light and twilight resonances, but only bestows her divine powers upon those of the light.

Note: Eucalia is a demigod/lesser deity that has not formally established herself amongst the pantheon. There may or may not be temples or even widespread knowledge of her existence.

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