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The Village of Offestry (aka the newbie area)

Location: Northwest Shadow continent
Recommended level range: 1-5
Local adventure areas include: Kilgore Keep, the abandoned graveyard, the southern caverns and mines
Quests of note: Sirith’s task, Staff of Davros
Village: Offestry
Rulership: Mayor
Est. Pop. 201 to 600

Offestry is a quiet hamlet northwest of the main area of Shadow, settled within a small valley of the same name. Very little of importance happens here, but the townsfolk seem content enough for it to remain this way; the maddened wizard and the strange disappearances of Kilgore Keep in recent years seem to have served as excitement to last them at least a decade or so. Citizens busy themselves with careers crafting and gathering those items required for travel and selling them to passersby, on their way across the mountains to the southeast. Isolated as it is, the village is rarely threatened by danger and supports only a token number of guards, mostly half-trained peasants.

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