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The Calendar of Sundering Shadows


Time in the realms of Sundering Shadows is divided in the following way:

20 seconds in one minute
60 minutes in one hour
20 hours in one day
 6 days in one week
 4 weeks in one month
10 months in one year

Days and Weeks

The days of the week are named after cosmogenesis:

 Shadowday - all the universe was empty darkness
 Formday   - the land itself was given shape 
 Waterday  - the land's thirst was quenched by the first drop of water 
 Flameday  - the land's cold was warmed by the first spark of heat
 Lightday  - the land's darkness was touched by the first ray of the sun 
 Lifeday   - the land's creatures were first given breath and life

Months and Seasons

The months of the year are named for the seasons and activities of the realms, being:

 Winterstime		(Winter Solstice: 1 Winterstime)
 Springstime		(Spring Equinox: 12 Springstime)
 Summerstime		(Summer Solstice: 1 Summerstime)
 Harvestdays		(Autumn Equinox: 12 Harvestdays)

Years and Dates

The years are dated by SG, which refers to the Sundering of the Gate of Shadows. The Sundering occurred on what has been named 0SG, and all years are numbered accordingly. History Calendar:

Real Time VS Sundering Shadows Time

One real life day is equal 3.6 Sundering Shadows days. One real life year equals 5.48 Sundering Shadows years. The History Calendar runs on real life time, so the current date shown will often be incorrect. It is used best for planning dates or looking at historical events.

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