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The Beginning: In the Beginning

-35,000SG to -30,000SG: Days of Thunder

-30,000SG to -24,000SG: The Dawn Age

-24,000SG to -12,000SG: The First Flowering

-12,000SG to -9,000SG: The Crown Wars

-9,000SG to -3,000SG: Rise of Civilization

-3,000SG to present: The Age of Humanity

-X SG: Prehistory: The Godswar

0 SG: The Sundering: The destruction of the Shadow Gate occurred at the present day location of Shadow. The death of Myrkul happened in the present day Swamp of the Dead. Bane's apparent death occurred at the hands of Torm and Tyr on what becomes known as the Gods Plains. Beshaba, Oghma, Shaundakul, Sune, and Tymora are trapped beneath the northern Darkwood forest by Talos, present day Shadow Desert. The conflict ravages much of the mainland, leading to the complete destruction of the northern Darkwood forest, transforming it into desert. The region east of Darkwood is torn asunder from the mainland and drifts out to sea, becoming Laerad, which also bears the scars of the battle and wild magic in the Gods Plains.

1 SG: Political instability begins to plague the Kingdom of Kinnesaruda, bringing an end to the Golden Age of Kinnesaruda.

18 SG: The demon Autarkis makes contact with C'Taro and begins manipulating him to his own ends.

20 SG: C'Taro's demonic possession becomes known to the Kingdom of Kinnesaruda. C'Taro declares himself Emperor of the Kinnesaruda. Raoul Hernandez leads a rebellion against C'Taro, initiating a guerrilla campaign in the jungles of Attaya.

21 SG: Hernandez's guerrilla army is driven from Attaya and flees to Eldebaro to regroup. The archmage Adaskahne, Hernandez's lover, travels to Verhedrin to seek the Tsarven's aid in backing the rebellion. The Crystalline Tower appears suddenly on the summit of Mount Vulanyr, hereafter known as Crystal Mountain.

22 SG: The Tsarven's launch an invasion fleet towards Attaya, which also includes 2,000 warriors of the Tyva Vvox clan from the Northern Dagger Reaches. Hernandez and the Tsarvens land near present-day Seneca and begin the assualt inland during Plantingdays. They capture and hold Asteranor through the autumn and winter, whilst under siege from C'Taro's army, out of the Crystalline Tower.

23 SG: Hernandez and the Tsarvens break C'Taro's siege during Renewal, and begin the attack on Crystal Mountain. In Sundays, Hernandez personally leads a small strike force into the Crystalline Tower, consisting of Adaskahne, Bishimon, Judatac, and Volkerps. Hernandez defeats C'Taro in single combat, ending the line of Kinnesarudan kings, and assumes control of the Crystalline Tower. Hernandez entombs C'Taro's mortal remains in a masoleum in the middle of the Attayan jungle. Rebuilding efforts begin on Attaya over the next three months, until Harvestdays when Autarkis makes himself known to Hernandez and begins seduces him to evil. Autarkis transforms Hernandez into an undead state, along with his inner circle, Adaskahne becomes a lich and adopts the alias Magus Prime. Hernandez, now known as Intruder, begins a campaign of forced undeath upon his army, while the living remnants of the Tsarven army defend Asteranor from Intruder's undead army.

24 SG: After being under relentless assault from Intruder's forces, in Winterstime, the Tsarvens are reinforced by an Asgardian expeditionary force. During Renewal, the Tsarven-Asgardian army begin the evacuation of Asteranor's civilian population to the mainland. By Summerstime Asteranor is completely evacuated, and the Tsarven-Asgardian army withdraws to the southern beachhead, fortifying into an enclave which will eventually become Seneca. Tsarven Empire offers asylum to the Attayan refugees, which many accept, whereas some of the more independent refugees settle in the northern frontier in the modern-day Dagger Reaches and Charu Mountains. 11 Renewal, 525 SG: Shadow's Independence from the Tsarven Empire, still recognized despite future occupations.

640 - 649 SG: Tsarven reoccupation by Price Caenil

23 Winterstime, 649 SG: End of second occupation and the dawning of the Magistrates in Shadow

23 Growingdays, 657SG: End of the Shadow-Tonovi siege upon Torm city.

23 Harvesttime, 662SG: The merging of Eldath into Istishia to the singular form of Istishia; departure of Silvanus from the realms.

2 Autumnstime: Xvim's death at the hands of the resurrected Bane. Tymora and Oghma also return to the realms. Auppenser makes his presence known to the Northern Kingdoms, his faith having been concentrated deep within the Tsarven Empire.

19 Growingdays, 678SG: Destruction of Daggerdale at the hands of a drow invasion and a faction of the Torm army, led by the Talossian Kiervalan.

20 Growingdays, 681SG: Death of Goddess of Pain and the resulting ascension of the mortal Durias to demi-godhood.

3 Colddays, 682SG: Coup of Tonovi, assumption of power by Lusell de'Clerque. Loss of control of the main trade route through the Dagger region to Torm, circa this time. Tonovi loses control of the main trade-route through the Dagger region to Torm.

20 Winterstime, 685SG Rebirth of Warhawk: Rebirth of Anhur by the Theotokos.

8 Win 686 SG: Birthed the Storm of Ages: The Talosians summoned a storm elemental to Tharis, drowning half of the city and destroying large swaths of the city.

12 Autumnstime, 690 SG: The crash of an early-model Spelljammer disrupts the Weave and reality, resulting in various magical and psychological alterations.

711 SG: The Coming of the Tarrasque: In 711 SG, disaster befell the communities on the Island of Laerad. A gargantuan creature of legendary powers, known as a “tarrasque” awoke from slumber to wreck havoc upon the nearby lands. The city of Asgard took heavy damage. The tribe of green elves hidden deep within Parnelli had their dwelling destroyed in the incident, and found temporary refuge with the elves of Synoria.

712 SG: Ashra'Rathai opened their gates to the elves of the realm.

18 Gro 714 SG: The drow House of Rilynath arose to power, and took over power in Tharis.

20 Springstime, 716 SG:: The second descent; all redeemed drow, and the sylvans known or believed to be associated with the drow in tharis, were all returned into actual drow. A small number of far-away sylvans might have escaped the net. The ritual was far more conservative than the original descent, and mainly centred upon Tharis.

17 Pla 724 SG: Torm was freed from the tyranny of Vizier Uzazmazil.

22 Autumnstime 726 SG: Return of the Shadovar to the realm.

737 SG: Kismet breaks free of her imprisonment and throws the current Pantheon from their divine realms, commencing what will come to be known as The Silence. Kismet reclaims her portfolio as Goddess of Knowledge and as the old deities either die or retreat from the realm, several new deities rise up to take their mantle.

741 SG: The elements were in disarray, winter lasted forever, creatures of other elements attempted to invade the material plane. Eventually ended in a grand battle in Torm, when Ryorik ceased power of the elements and forced them in under his domain.

745 SG: Darkness falls upon the city of shadow as vampires and the intelligent undead begin to walk the streets openly, feeding and causing hushed terror amongst the citizens. An Aasimar cleric named Selucia, and a Sun Elf Paladin named Larenthanil decide to take action against a vampire named Julien. They ambush him in the Tonerra Monastery where a battle ensues. Selucia accidentally kills Larenthanil with a maelstrom of fire as she attempts to burn the vampire in a fit of rage. She escapes the vampire and falls into broken despair.

746 SG: The Aasimar known as Selucia reveals herself to be a priest of a new god named Ashra, the mother of monsters. She is reported attacking the city of Tonovi multiple times and becomes an enemy of the state.

747 SG: Commotion and hostilities commence in several cities across the realm. After several months of unrest, Commander Durant seizes control of The City of Shadow and bans all elves, fey and similar races for a short time.

The cleric of Ashra, Selucia, begins causing terror in the city of Shadow. She demands the head of Commander Durant, and each day the city doesn't deliver, she will kill more of its citizens. In the end, she is killed by the Shadovar named Gaius, who personally delivers her head.

The city of Antioch comes under attack by a being named Myra Nightcaller. In one night, six separate people die in their homes, seemingly from sheer terror.

Selucia reappears and is imprisoned in Antioch. She later escapes and is killed by the Deva known as Mal'Kor.

748 SG: The Oracle known as Nezha begins walking the world, warning of an impending disaster and a changing of the gods.

Springstime, 750 SG: Ryorik withdraws from his position as God of the Elements and his absence throws the world into a new elemental storm, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Springstime, 751 SG: A hole of pure darkness opens up outside the gates of Antioch and destroys most of the city, as Ashra, The Primordial Evil is awakened. The world is cast into eternal darkness and despair.

Autumnstime, 751 SG: Four artifacts known as The Elemental Hearts are united at the base of the World Tree and their combined power tames the elemental storm. A bolt of lightning strikes the World Tree and awakens Edea, Celestial Light, who rises to battle her dark Sister Ashra. The deities known as Seija and Khyron are born.

Simultaneously, in the Necropolis of Nurval, a group of intelligent undead and their allies use the distraction of the ritual to perform a ritual of their own. They sacrifice a group of priests of Lysara and open a portal to the Shadow Plane, drawing forth a Nightwalker, which immediately begins raising the dead of the region from the grave, forming an enormous horde.

752 SG: The slaves of Tonovi revolt, led by a charismatic elf named Minienal. They immediately gain control of the area immediately outside of the city and lay siege.

The Nightwalker and its horde of undead burst forth from the city of Nurval, expanding through the Dagger region. They first move on the city of Torm, but are stopped by a group of heroes. The undead turn and attack Tonovi, and the mass of slaves besieging the city.

The undead fall upon the city, and the slaves are soon caught between the undead and the city walls. Almost all of the slaves, mostly elves, are killed and turned into undead themselves. At the last moment, when all of the slaves are dead, the gates of the city mysteriously open, allowing the dead inside. The Nightwalker and its horde cause great suffering and chaos, but is eventually stopped by a group of heroes who kill. Minienal absorbs the essence of the Nightwalker. The shapeshifter Zakisi takes its head and flies off.

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