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In The Beginning…

Many are the myths of how our Worlds were created. As ancient legends are recovered, the theories of creation are challenged. The Silence of 737 SG saw the old Pantheon thrown from their celestial heavens by the ancient goddess Kismet, Mother of Knowledge, to be replaced by new deities. In 747 SG rumors first began to spread of a Primordial Darkness who lay dormant somewhere on the Shadow Plane and 750 SG saw the world plunged into a devastating elemental storm. Since then, scholars have struggled to make sense of this new information and scrambled to reveal the truth of creation. These are the two theories that currently prevail:

The Original Myth of Creation

The original myth of creation, as it has been told for several millennia:

“In the beginning, there was only the endless dark of the primeval void and the bright luminescence. For a long time the Sisters lived two-as-one, and Dark was content. Light, though, was unsatisfied with the endless cold and darkness, and so She drew forth the world.

From the nothingness of the void, Light pulled a world still young, but teeming with all manner of life. Following after it came a quartet of deities who have been cultivating this world in its infancy. These elemental gods are known today as Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Light at last felt content, as She and Her new companions set about altering the void to accommodate their new world. Light, fearful that Her dark twin would not approve, had hidden Her actions from Her sister thus far. When Fire ignited the great orb of fire that was to become the sun, Light could hide Her actions no longer.

Sweeping down on Her sister and the interlopers like a storm, Dark attacked with a fury never before witnessed by Her sister Light. The battle raged for centuries and born of this conflict and the raw divine power that seeped from the wounded deities were countless wonders, abominations and gods. On the final day of this battle, fearing that all might be lost, Light hurled what little remaining power She had at Her dark sister. The attack ripped from Dark enough of Her essence to create a new and powerful goddess that we have since come to know as Mother of Knowledge. Siding with Light, Knowledge helped force Dark to retreat, and the Mother of Night fled to the darkest corners of the void to plan Her revenge upon the two. And so, the fledgling world was allowed to continue and grow.”

The Primordial Theory

The Primordial Theory, as supported by The Primordial Covenant of the Elemental Goddess Seija, and the The Binders of Kismet, Mother of knowledge, builds upon the Original Myth of Creation, but with some important divergences:

“In the beginning there was an endless void, in which dwelled Edea, The Celestial Light, and Ashra, The Primordial Darkness. Many are the stories of why these two entities eventually came to blows, but one legend suggests that Edea, unsatisfied with the endless cold and darkness, pulled forth the elemental siblings, known now as Air, Fire, Earth and Water. The elements gave life to the void, dancing and playing in harmony, and brought Edea joy. Ashra, jealous of Her sister, corrupted the primordial elements and replaced their hearts with darkness. It pitched them against each other, throwing them into eons of conflict and battle. In their struggle to reclaim equilibrium, the elemental planes were created and in their center was born the material plane to balance the Worlds.

Meanwhile, Edea and Ashra fought each other in the void and their battle tore themselves and the void asunder. From the shards of these Primordial beings were born countless wonders, abominations and gods. Some were born of the Light, some of the Dark and others from the collision of the two, in what is known as the Twilight. Of these ancient beings, few if any still exist, with the exception of Kismet, Our Mother of Knowledge. Through the eons, the fragments of these beings have continued their battle and as they fell and were absorbed by those that survived or inherited by lesser beings, they became more and more whole.“

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