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The Crown Wars, -12,000SG to -9,000SG

Four prolonged wars raged among the greatest civilisations of the elves, destroying some utterly and bringing the rest to their knees, mostly by the aggressive invasions of the sun elves of Selu'havessthyr and the dark elves of Ileleste'var. The dark elves were responsible for bringing the three divided moon elf kingdoms nearly to extinction, leaving the remnants to flee deep into Kilkaen forest. The ruling house of Selu'havessthyr, meanwhile, over an imagined right of rulership over the wood elves of Daoine'yndaar and prompts from dark allies, eventually destroyed their city with a twisted storm of arcanery that tore it to pieces. The remaining magi of Daoine'yndaar gave up their lives to enact a ritual that shifted the ruined city out of alignment with the prime material plane, making it inaccessable. The rest of the wood elves eschewed arcanery evermore, and disappeared deep into the Vandor'ivae.

Circa -14,700SG: discovery
An alleged link of kinship is discovered between the Heasirretyn, the ruling house of Selu'havessthyr, and the Tyrneadlues, the royal family of Daoine'yndaar. Coronal Kaethil Heasirretyn makes an initially peaceful claim to the rulership of the wood and dark elf kingdom, but is rebuffed.

Circa -12,000SG: the First Crown War
Following a series of stealthy raids upon the kingdom's borders, Daoine'yndaar comes under invasion by the forces of Selu'havessthyr. Within two centuries the wood elf kingdom was fully occupied by the invading sun elves, but the rebellious wood and dark elves did not come truly under control until another five centuries later.

Circa -11,700SG: the Second Crown War
The dark elves of Ileleste'var, under guise of revenge for their kin in Daoine'yndaar, name the three northern moon elf kingdoms of Arael'vandora, Delimbiyran and Nelath'piiras as allies of Selu'havessthyr. They fall upon them in a brutal attack that escalates into a war of more than 1,200 years, reducing the three kingdoms to bands of refugees that flee deep into Kilkaen forest. Lolth increases her stranglehold upon the elves of Ileleste'var during this time.

Circa -10,900SG: the Third Crown War
Falling further into the lure of power and the whispers of dark powers, the elves of Selu'havessthyr (now known as the Heasirretyn Empire) invade the remnants of the western Tsarven kingdoms of sun and moon elves. Weakened by invasion less than a millennium earlier, they finally surrender following the mysterious death of their Coronal.

Circa -10,500SG: the Fourth Crown War
Following countless rebellions of the 'conquered' wood and dark elves of Daoine'yndaar, the Heasirretyn Empire is finally repelled from the heart of the Vandor'ivae. In a final horrific act, they unleash the Mormhaor'Sykerylor, a high magic ritual known as 'the Killing Storm'. The resulting maelstrom of horrific arcane energy tore the heart of the Vandor'ivae apart and reduced Daoine'yndaar to rubble.

Circa -10,000SG: the Descent
The culmination of the vicious attacks by way of the Ileleste'vari dark elf clans is a ritual enacted by the combined might of the surviving elvenkind, empowered by Corellon himself. So powerful that it not only warped the Ileleste'var clans, but all dark elves across the realms, turning them into ebon-skinned and crimson-eyed fiends that were thrown down into the underdark with their goddess Lolth. The name dhaerow, 'traitor', became shortened to drow and used to refer to these fallen dark elves.

Circa -9,000SG: the Purge (the Fifth Crown War)
The Elven Conclave under watch of Corellon blames the four Crown Wars primarily upon Heasirretyn, the ruling house of Selu'havessthyr. The elves of Heasirretyn disputed the charge and declared war on the rest of elvenkind, shattering the fragile peace, and the ensuing short but bloody war wipes out all members of the house and their allies, leaving the remaining houses of Selu'havessthyr to rebuild their damaged city. An obscure sun elven song tells to this day of four sons of Heasirretyn that escaped the purging, going into hiding to one day rise and restore the glory of their house.

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