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Rage Prophet

Requirements:Level 10 Barbarian
Level 10 Cleric, Ranger, Druid, Inquisitor, Paladin, Oracle
Spell Focus
Class Feats:L1: raging healer
L4: ragecaster
L7: spirit warrior

Throughout the wilderness, there are warriors whose powers are infused by the spirits, who see and hear into the world beyond and draw unthinkable reserves of power from it. They are the chosen of the gods, and they often hold a status nearly equal to that of a chief or a shaman in a typical tribe, or sometimes even exceeding this. Rage prophets can dispense advice through their communion with the spirits and their ability to divine the future. The most popular oracle mystery among rage prophets is that of battle, for skill in battle is respected in barbarian society, but oracles of all mysteries find their way into positions as war-chiefs, counselors, and leaders. Some rage prophets choose to live apart or to act as wandering champions, belonging to all tribes and none, following the lead of their spirit guides rather than the dictates of any one tribal chief or council. Though sometimes looked at askance by tribal leaders, these wanderers are popular with many barbarians, who see them as the perfect exemplars of the strength, virtue, and power of the free folk, owing nothing to anyone but the sky above, the earth beneath, and the spirits within. The rage prophet has considerable spellcasting ability, but it usually serves as a conduit to enhance his fighting prowess.

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