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Stat requirements: 12 strength, 12 charisma
Resonances allowed: Paladins must be of the same resonance as the deity they serve
Hitdice: d10
Saving throws: fort/will strong, reflex weak
Class Skills: academics, athletics, endurance, influence
Class Feats: L1: light armor proficiency, medium armor proficiency, heavy armor proficiency, shield proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, parry, smite
L2: layonhands
L3: divine health, aura of courage
L4: channel
L5: divinebond (choose between weapon bond OR armor bond OR bonded steed)
L6: indomitable
L7: divine grace
L8: aura of resolve
L11: aura of fury
L13: dedication
L17: aura of justification
L20: champion
L21: divinebond (choose between weapon bond OR armor bond OR bonded steed)
L31: searing smite
Also: one bonus melee feat at L21, and every five class levels thereafter

Paladins are the protectors of their chosen patron in the realm of Sundering Shadows. They are holy (or unholy) warriors selected by their faith to battle their enemies and uphold their charge. A paladin's purpose varies according to their patron's charge, but protection and order are almost always part of their oaths. They often come from noble families and some have served as knights before taking on their holy (or unholy) mantle.

Paladins are granted a subset of divine utility spells based on their charisma score, including a spell to summon a powerful mount. You can see their spell list with spells paladin. Paladins prepare spells from this list and commit it to memory. You can see a list of spells in your memory with recall paladin spells. When they cast a spell, they expend that spell from their memory. They can remove undesired prepared spell with the forget command.

Paladins can cast their spells in any armor, but they cannot wield anything while doing so. They will need the perfect caster feat to avoid harming their allies and summoned creatures with area-affecting spells.

Paladins rely on melee combat and don't make good casters. Their combat powers come from the martial feat tree.

In addition to spell casting, Paladins also draw from a Divine Grace pool, which is used to fuel their combat feats and enhancements.

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