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Requirements:Level 20 Base Class
20 Base Dexterity
10 Points Spent in Stealth Skill
10 Points Spent in Athletics Skill
Dark or Twilight Resonance
Class Feats:L1: one with the shadows
L4: shadow master
L7: shadow jump

Civilized folk have always feared the night, barring themselves behind doors or comforting themselves with bonfires when the shadows grow long, rightfully wary of the creatures that prowl the darkness. Yet long ago, some learned that the best way to conquer an enemy is to embrace it. These were the first shadowdancers.

Shadowdancers exist in the boundary between light and darkness, where they weave together the shadows to become half-seen artists of deception. Unbound by any specified morality or traditional code, shadowdancers encompass a wide variety of adventuring types who have seen the value of the dark. Spellcasters use their abilities to safely cast spells from hiding and then move quickly away, while classes devoted to hand-to-hand combat enjoy the ability to attack foes with the element of surprise. Some even take the name of their kind quite literally, becoming eerie and mysterious performers and dancers, though more often the temptation presented by their talents with deception and infiltration causes shadowdancers to turn to lives of thievery.

Shadowdancers gain the spells listed in their prestige class feats when they gain the feat. Those spells are counted as “innate” and they can cast their spells at will, by using the <cast innate> command. Their magic prowess depends on either intelligence, wisdom, or charisma, whichever is highest.

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