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avatarmail TITLE

This command is to allow players to post a message with TITLE to a board that the avatars read. The player can use it to participate in avatar plots, request something personal, apply for a player house, keep avatars up to date on ongoing player plots and much more. It may take us a few weeks to respond, and we may not respond to every request.

Please note:

If you play several characters, you must choose one character to be your main. Only this one character can participate in avatar plots and send us requests. To send up a personal request outside of ongoing avatar plots, you must have played that one main consistently for at least 3 months. To be considered for player housing or templates, you must have played that main consistently for 6 months.

For bugs and ideas, use the game command. If you think someone has broken our rules, please use lawmail.

This bboard can only be viewed, read, and accessed by avatars and creators.

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