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Stat requirements: 15 dexterity, 15 wisdom
Resonances allowed: Restricted by Way
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: Reflex, Fort, and Will strong
Class Skills: Athletics, Endurance
Class Feats: L1: simple weapon proficiency, exotic weapon proficiency, unarmored defense
L5: flurry of blows, dodge
L5: stunning strike
L7: evasion, stillness of mind
L10: purity of body
L13: tongue of the sun and moon
L14: diamond soul
L15: timeless body
L18: empty body
L20: perfect self
L21: defensive roll
L31: unchained
Also: one bonus hybrid feat at L1, and every five class levels thereafter

The monk is an enlightened warrior, able to transcend many of the bodily limits that hamper most mortals. They typically belong to an order or a monastery and have an affinity for the strict procedures that this imparts on them. Most monks can be of all resonances, but the solidity of order is their driving force: perfect body, perfect mind and perfect soul resounding together with the same harmonious melody.

They despise most traditional armor as it gets in the way of their life-long dedication to perfect their inner self. Most have an amazing ability to manipulate their own energies and that of others, which they refer to simply as “Ki”, in profound ways, especially as they grow wiser. Some monks use small weapons. Others limit themselves to using their bare hands.

Unarmed monks use the following damage table:
Levels 1 - 9 : 1d6 damage
Levels 10-19 : 1d8 damage
Levels 20-29 : 1d10 damage
Levels 30-39 : 2d6 damage
Levels 40-49 : 2d8 damage
Level 50 : 2d10 damage

Unarmed monks have a base critical multiplier of 2, and receive an increased critical damage multiplier of their monk level divided by 10. A level 10 monk, for example, would have a critical damage multiplier of 3.

An unarmed monk also receives +1 to damage and hit, per six levels in their monk class. This is considered magical for purposes of bypassing monster weapon resistance and or special abilities.

Starting at level 3 you may dedicate to a particular emphasis of Ki, in any church or temple, by using pick WAY. The current known ways, and their allowed resonances, are:

Monk feats, abilities, and spells require ki. Most monks receive 1 ki point per level starting at level 2. Ki regenerates passively. Ki regeneration rate is 1-2 every 10-20 seconds. A higher wisdom score reduces this time but never below 6 seconds.

The ki command is a command showing the abilities imparted to you by your dedication, your total and available ki, and how long until you passively regenerate more.

In addition to their special abilities, monks can cast a small number of spells by expending ki points. To see which spells you can cast, see the help file for your chosen way. To cast your spells, use the cast command. A monk will need the perfect caster feat to avoid harming their allies and summoned creatures with area-affecting spells.

The efficacy of monk abilities and spells use wisdom as their casting stat. Additionally, monks receive a bonus to their AC equal to their wisdom bonus.

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