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The Way of The Elements

Those who have dedicated themselves to this emphasis of Ki have learned to manipulate the very elements. By doing so they have managed to learn to control their own Ki to a greater degree. While the monks who dedicate themselves to this emphasis of Ki are still quite adept in physical combat, much more of their focus is dedicated to spellcraft than any other emphasis, and they have learned how to manipulate ki to create some potent elemental effects.

Additional Class Skills: Spellcraft and Academics Resonances Allowed: Any

Way of The Elements monks receive the following spells:

L3 burning hands, levitate
L5 thunder wave, hold person
L7 fireball, shatter
L9 wall of stone, gaseous form
L11 stoneskin, gale fist
L13 wall of fire, gust of wind
L15 cone of cold, acid breath
L17 fire storm, monsoon

Monks of this dedication receive 2 Ki points per level.

Monks of this dedication are able to use the ki command to specify which element they want to focus on. The command to do so is <ki focus ELEMENT>. Valid types are fire, cold, electricity, and acid. This elemental focus will determine the damage type of flurry of blows, as well as the type of guardians who may show up when the elemental opportunist feat is selected.

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