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The Way of The Fist

Those who have dedicated themselves to this emphasis of Ki are even more adept at using their body as a weapon. They are more tuned in to their own ki and have learned how to use it to both heal their own wounds and damage their opponents in almost mythical ways.

Additional Class Skills: Survival and Perception
Resonances Allowed: Any

Monks of this dedication who have reached at least level 6 are able to use the heal command during combat to heal themselves much better than most could ever hope for. There is a 30 second delay between uses and it requires 3 ki.

Monks of this dedication have a chance to trip their opponents when an extra flurry of blows attack happens. Mechanically flurry of blows remains bludgeoning damage.

Monks of this dedication restore 1 more Ki when passively regenerating it.

Monks of this dedication receive the Quivering Palm feat at level 17.

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