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The Way of The Shadow

Those who have dedicated themselves to this emphasis of Ki have learned knowledge of the shadows that goes beyond what most could ever hope. While those who dedicate themselves to studying ki in this way are not inherently evil, all find themselves touched by Ashra's shadow in some way, and can only be of dark and twilight resonances.

Additional Class Skills: Stealth and Perception
Resonances Allowed: Dark & Twilight

Way of the Shadow monks receive the following spells:

L3 darkness, dark vision, and ghost step
L7 shadow stride
L9 shadow sight
L11 cloak of shadows
L13 shadow double
L15 shadow travel
L17 shadow body

Monks of this dedication who reach level 17 learn to do even more damage with their flurry of blows attacks by extending their control of shadows and forming tendrils which attack their enemies and do void damage.

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