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Requirements:Level 20 Mage or Sorcerer
10 Points spent in the Spellcraft Skill
20 Stat used for casting for your class
Class Feats:L1: school familiarity
L4: resilient arcana
L7: arcane perfection

Archmages are mages and sorcerers that have dedicated their lives to the perfection of their art and a specific school within that path. They have honed the art of spellcrafting to near perfection. For most practitioners of the arcane arts, learning magic requires a great deal of study and practice. Even for those who draw magic from their blood, the effort can be taxing. Not so for the archmage. This master of the arcane draws power from the very fabric of reality itself, learning to weave magic easily and naturally.

The archmage is the master of arcane magic, and many of the abilities of this path enhance your ability to cast arcane spells or greatly increases their potency. In addition, many of the options in this path increase your knowledge of magic and of those who wield it.

Sorcerers taking this path will gain magic school feat and ability to select a school of magic of their dedication and the opposing school.

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