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Disclaimer: This list of areas and level suggestions does not claim to be 100% accurate. We apologize in advance for any untimely deaths that might occur.

* Denotes a dungeon-type area, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll be able to leave the way you came in without first figuring out the quest. Or unless you have a blood shard.

Mainland (00,36)

Ekibi Caverns (Quest)(Slightly east of Meadowlands)6-10
Goblin Stronghold (Southeast of Tabor)6-10
Cryptkeeper’s Lair (Quest*) (Muileann) 8-10
Gentleman’s Tower (Quest*) (Muileann) 8-10
Shadow City Sewers8-10
Orc Cave (Koenig Stream) 8-10
Nereid’s Cove (Quest) (Koenig Stream)10-15
Piaf’s Farm (Quest) (Koenig Stream)10-12
Echoes Mountains (Quest)8-12
Dragon’s Den Caverns (Quest)8-10
Darkwood Forest (South of Shadow)8-10
Yntala Forest (South of Shadow)10-12
Pyramid (Yntala Forest) 10-12
Centaur Meadow (Yntala Forest) 10-12
Underwater Tunnels (Yntala Forest) 10-12
Kildare Glen10-12
Orc Encampment (South of Meadowlands)10-12
Feyren Farm (West of Shadow)10-15
Dark Trail (East of Antioch)12-15
King’s Forest (Quest)(Slightly southwest of Antioch)12-15
Deep Gnome Cavern (Quest) (Charu Mountains)12-15
Purple Worm Lair (Southeast of Antioch)15-20
The Vale15-20
Pirate’s Cove (00,55)(Southeast of Shadow)15-20
Desert Sun Theatre (Quest*) (Azha)15-20
Tharis Forest (Quest)15-20
The Dark Forest (Bordering The Vale)18-25
Archemond’s Mansion (Quest) (Near Lothwaite)20-25
Barrier Mountains (South of Torm)20-25
Firbolg Barrows (Quest*) (Lothwaite)20-25
Barrow Downs (Dagger Mountains)20-25
Antioch Ruins (East of Antioch)15-20
Plane of Fire (Antioch Ruins) (Quest*)25-30
Derro Tunnels (Quest*) (Dagger Mountains)20-30
Dagger Marsh20-25
Misty Grove (Quest) (Dagger Marsh)20-25
Marsh of Fear (Within Dagger Marsh)25-30
Demongate (Quest*) (Within Dark Swamp)30-35
Ice Caves (Dagger Mountains)25-30
Ogre Caverns* (Dagger Mountains)25-30
Drow Underdark (Quest*) (Dagger Mountains)20-25
Drow Temple* (Drow Underdark)25-30
Kinaro Underdark (Beneath Kinaro)30-35
Arkhon’s Lair*35-40
Other places of interest:West of Shadow there is a mercenary camp.
Beastkin reside in a valley of the Charu Mountains.
Wailing Isle is off the coast of Torm on the Dagger Sea (12, 16)


Deku Island (20,16)

Shadowlord’s Forest15-20
Shadowlord’s Fortress15-20
Shadowlord’s Graveyard15-20
Shadowlord’s Mausoleum (Quest)20-30
Altar of Fire (Quest*)20-25
BlackTongue’s Keep (Quest*)20-30
Sanctuary Ruins20-25
Sanctuary Sewers20-25
Sanctuary Tower (Quest*)20-25
Haunted House (Quest)30-35

Tonerra Island (40,26)

Native Village15-25
Monastery (Quest)20-35
Lava Tubes (Quest*)35-45
Ibrandul’s Temple40-45
Geonslu’s Lair30-35

Dallyh Island (22,13)

Amazon Forest20-25
Dallyh Marsh45-50

Graez Island (08,16)

Minotaur Maze20-30
The Graez Lighthouse (Quest)40-45

Aramanth Island (23,58)

Mysterious Plateau (Quest)45-50
Upper (Klauth’s Lair)40-50

Laerad Island (20,36)

God’s Plain20-25
Gnoll Encampment (Quest)20-25
Swamp of Death20-25
Parnelli Forest20-25
Lizardman Sewers *20-25
Dojo (Quest)25-30
Laerad Caverns (Quest)25-30

Argentrock Island (34,10)

Batlin’s House (Quest)35-50

Ice Island (30,16)

Muln’s Lair30-35

Serakii (44,41)

The Hound Mercenary Camp30-35
The White Tower30-35

Attaya Island (28,43)

Attaya Jungle30-35
Assassin Tunnels (Quest*)30-35
Devil Tunnels (Quest*)30-35
Black Stairway30-35
Oubliette *30-35
Crystal Tower (Quest*)40-45

Continent of Atoyatl Tepexitl (50,11)

Atoyatl Jungle35-50
Wemic Village/Jungle40-50
Tabaxi Village (Quest)40-50
Lost City of the Tecqumin (Quest(s))45-50

Additional Explorations

Daily Demiplane (North of Shadow)10-50
Pirates Cove (0,55)15-20
Coral Reef (Quest) (08,62)20-30
Dino Island (30,20)25-30
Ovadexel Island (Quest*) (21,46)25-30
Eldebaro Island (Quest) (07,51)40-50
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