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Location: The former village of Daggerdale
Government: Theocratic Dictatorship
Symbol: A black circle on a red field
Political ties: Isolationist
Religious ties: Strong bonds with the faith of Nilith, whose temple is present there
Tier: Tier 3

There are rumors that Nurval is ancient, a necromancer archlich from epochs past who fell into a deep slumber after his plans for world domination were defeated by a band of chosen heroes. Other rumors claim that he was, in fact, the first necromancer, the first to learn how to manipulate the energies of life and death with the power of the weave. Yet others believe that he is some hidden deity, a secret god from pantheons past whose power is endless, free of the fetters of faith that other gods must abide.

Regardless of his origins, it is known that the destruction of Daggerdale by the drow invasion of 678SG is what drew him to the region. The massive loss of life as all the inhabitants were slaughtered acted as a beacon, awakening him from whatever stasis held him. He began to send out his undead scouts, learning of the land and amassing a force to claim it as his own. Years later, the city would rise up almost overnight, as the undead minions did not require rest nor respite as they constructed Nurval's new bastion in the realms. The fledgeling temple of Nilith was incorporated within, and given a measure of respect from the undead forces.

For now, the forces of Nurval seem content to strengthen their position and remain separate from the intrigues of the realms. Both living and undead co-exist within the city, all subservient to the will of Nurval. The living servants often undertake the lower duties, serving diligently in the hopes of being drawn into the ranks of the intelligent undead. All higher positions are filled by death knights, vampires, and other manners of higher undead creatures. One thing that all citizens share is a devotion to their undead archlich master, the Necromancer Nurval. His pleasure is what drives every servant's actions. It is a devotion that borders on religious fervor, and those who turn away from Nurval are often punished by faithful servants for their failure and raised as mindless undead for the ranks of the army.

While the city does not involve itself in the politics of the realms, it does permit some trade and the patronage of its shops by travellers. However, the massive necromantic rituals and spells in use throughout the city cause wellsprings of negative energy to flow, and can be dangerous to mortal visitors.

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