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Requirements Level 20
14 Base Intelligence
20 Base Dexterity
10 Points Spent in Athletics Skill
Expertise Feat
Class FeatsL1: canny defense
L4: artful precision
L7: elaborate parry

Duelists represent the pinnacle of elegant swordplay. They move with a grace unmatched by most foes, parrying blows and countering attacks with swift thrusts of their blades. They may wear armor, but generally eschew such bulky protection as their grace allows them to dodge their opponents with ease. While others flounder on treacherous terrain, duelists charge nimbly across the battlefield, leaping and tumbling into the fray. They thrive in melee, where their skill with the blade allows them to make sudden attacks against clumsy foes and to cripple opponents with particularly well-placed thrusts of the blade.

The path to the duelist is natural for thieves and bards, as those classes do not rely on armor for defense, although nearly as many duelists come from the ranks of other classes versed in combat. They are often found in those regions that possess elaborate rules and etiquette for battle.

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