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Stat requirements: 15 dexterity
Resonances allowed: any
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: reflex strong, fort/will weak
Class Skills: athletics, dungeoneering, stealth, thievery
Class Feats:L1: light armor proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, dodge
L4: combat reflexes
L5: danger sense
L7: mobility
L10: tools of the trade
L11: evasion
L13: use magic device
L14: scramble
L17: spring attack
L21: defensive roll
L31: master strike
Also: one bonus melee feat at L21, and every five class levels thereafter

The thief is a master of the shadows. Their attacks are based on surprise, jumping from the shadows to deal great damage upon a target. stab target will deal a great blow of damage to an unsuspecting foe, dependent on the thief's stealth. They can also spy on a target to assess their belongings, hopefully without being noticed.

Thieves can use nothing heavier than light armor types, as they rely on speed and stealth. Various skills and commands will either take a penalty when wearing metal armor, or will simply not work at all. A high dexterity is very important and useful to thieves.

A major part of a thief's roleplay is interaction with the thieves guilds across the realms. Hidden within cities, they provide additional services, such as fencing and unique combat supplies.

Thieves rely on learning melee feats to expand their options in combat.

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