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Vampire Lord

RequirementsLevel 20 in base class
Vampire template
Dark Resonance
Class FeatsL1: mask of mortality
L4: aspect of the beast
L7: sanguine bloodline

Many can be made into a vampire, but only a select few can become a Vampire Lord. Vampire Lords are vampires that try to gain complete mastery over their curse rather than ignoring it. Some of them do this because they want to break free from their vampirism or for the sake of seeking knowledge, but most are just vampires obsessed with power. Usually only ancient vampires gain these powers, but exceptions, as always, may apply.

Vampire lords overcome many… peculiarities that plague the mind of lesser vampires, however centuries away from mortality leave their minds warped and alien in their own right. Greater lords are aware that aspects of the curse are nothing but tricks of their own mind and often are capable to overcome limitations imposed on lesser vampires.

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