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Talzashaar's Teeth

Named for a mighty dragon of ages past, this refers to the extensive mountain range between the Tsarven empire and the realm of Shadow. It extends east to run up the coastline as high cliffs, and west to obscure access to the Wildlands.

Talzashaar himself was said to be a mighty dragon of the earth, who caused the world to tremble with his steps. He was said to be one of many leaders in the ancient wars of the Dawn Age against the giants of the north. Long dead, the mountains are as feared as he for the vicious and unpredictable storms that rage across their peaks, and at most seasons of the year the range is uncrossable. The few months that are not impossible, are still highly dangerous due to the number of beast tribes that hide within mountain caverns. Passage is available through the mountains via the dwarves of Brynlhar, but only those willing to separate with a great deal of their own gold are granted access to this less hazardous route.

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