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stats [gain STAT]|[move STAT1 to STAT2]

Without an argument, this command displays your character stats. Players have stat supremum set at 24 and infimum at 6, which can be changed through race and class adjustments. In addition to that, spells, magical items and other effects can both increase stats beyond this point, but never to values more than 30 or less than 1.

This command is also used to manipulate your stats:

stats gain STAT

You will gain STAT if you have bonus stat points and you character is able to gain it. Ability to gain certain stats depends on the class, race, subrace and your age. You will suffer penalizing experience tax (see help exp tax) for improving your character.

stats move STAT1 to STAT2

With this command you're able to retrain your character by replacing STAT1 with STAT2. This is very penalizing process and big adjustments will require a lot of time if you wish to reforge yourself into something new. See help exp tax to learn about the penalty.

Core Stats

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