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Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. This ability is important for wizards, psions, and psywarriors because it affects how many spells/powers they can cast, how hard their spells/powers are to resist, and how powerful their spells/powers can be.

Intelligence can be divided into:

Knowledge - This is a measurement of the character's educational experiences-whether in a school or on the streets, his grasp of languages, and his memory capacity. A character with a high Knowledge can speak many languages, knows something about several subjects, and can remember the slightest detail of a past event.

Reason - This defines how well a character handles new information. A character with a high Reason would be good at solving riddles and puzzles, and would be talented at using deductive, logical thinking.

You apply your character's Intelligence modifier to:

* The number of languages your character knows at the start of the game.
* You add your intelligence bonus to Academics, Healing, and Spellcraft skills.
* INT is very important for wizards, psions, and psywarriors, as the more powerful spells/powers require a minimum to even learn and use.
* Mages get bonus spells based on their Intelligence stat.
* Psions and psywarriors gain extra power points based on their Intelligence stat.
* The Academics and Spellcraft skills.

An animal has an Intelligence score of 1 or 2.
A creature of humanlike intelligence has a score of at least 3.

Stat Scores

4-5: Moronic - Your vocabulary is often limited to a few words and lots of grunts. Things such as sentences are just beyond you.

6-7: Dim - You tend to speak in very simple words, like that of a 4 to 6 year old child. Puzzles and riddles often leave you confused. New information thrown at you sometimes leaves you feeling disoriented or confused.

8-9: Below Average - You can manage to fumble your way in a conversation, though you stick to simple words. Puzzles and riddles throw you off, often taking a few days to figure out some of the moderate ones, and the harder ones often months or years. You come across as being “unschooled”, never really having any formal training.

10-11: Average - The “standard” intelligence of an adult male and female

12-13: Above Average - You are able to pick up on things easier than the normal individual. Learning a new language or bits of history tends to be somewhat easier for you. Your vocabulary might have a few fancier words thrown in like, opulent or plethora.

14-15: Smart - Others call you smart. Learning a new language or bits of history and lore is rather easy for you. You're able to carry on a conversation with more scholarly folk with some ease. There are a few subject matters where you are able to recite events from without any hesitation. (example Ancient History of the Tsvaren Empire, Religon, A History of Art, or even Magical Theory)

16-17: Brilliant - Your brilliance leaves others often astounded or jealous. You are able to pick up on new languages with ease and could be considered a master in many fields of knowledge (such as those mentioned above or plant lore, demon lore, undead lore, a history of warfare).

18-19: Genius - You are a true genius. You can solve complex riddles and puzzles in your free time for fun. You have a wide range of subjects that you can recite detailed information about. Some might consider you a sage in a few fields, and seek you out for your brilliance.

20+: Legendary Intelligence - Your intelligence is the stuff legends are made of. People are left in awe at (or perhaps even a bit spooked) just how smart you are.

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