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Shadow Adept

Requirements:Level 20 Mage, Sorcerer, Oracle, Cleric
20 Base Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma (before equipment modifiers)
Dark or Twilight Resonance
Class Feats:L1: gift of the shadows
L4: elusive spellcraft
L7: shadow apotheosis

Flickering, wavering, dancing between the border of light and darkness, the shadow adepts innate magic is drawn from the dark and gloomy reflection of the Shadow Plane. Perhaps they traveled briefly through a shadow crossing, unknowingly bringing back with themselves a wisp of the starkly colorless Plane of Shadow that is now their inseparable part, or maybe they are just innately in tune with the nature of the Shadow Weave itself. It's been rumored they gained powers from an ancient goddess of oblivion, but that she is now dead… who knows? Perhaps someone else took her mantle of control, or mayhaps it floats freely for mystical souls to tap into.

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