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RequirementsLevel 20 Mage, Sorcerer, Cleric or Oracle
20 Base Intelligence, Charisma or Wisdom stat (before equipment modifiers)
Dark Resonance
Class FeatsL1: inspired necromancy
L4: negative energy conduit
L7: lifeless shroud

Gravecallers can come from different schools of the weave, but often they are master necromancers that specialize in channeling negative energy. Once in awhile, members of other schools and divine casters learn this specialization. A Gravecaller stands as a counduit between the shadow plane and the material world, and he is able to channel many necromantic spells at will. The Gravecaller's true strength, however, comes from their ability to support their undead allies and servants. Many learn these deepest arcane secrets in their quest for undeath, gaining undead-like traits before their final shift to a state beyond death. Some seek ultimate enlightenment in the understanding of death, and they possess subtle and murderous skills to help them attain it. As students of death and undeath, they are universally distrusted and feared by the living, while intelligent undead consider them as a threat to their freedom.

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