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RequirementsLevel 20 Druid
20 Base Wisdom (before equipment modifiers)
Class FeatsL1: wild shape elemental
L4: natures gift
L7: natural perfection

An archdruid has spent his life mastering the flow of nature through the world around him. He becomes so in tune with the natural world that he is able to channel it with near perfection. At first level an archdruid is able to take the form of an elemental and gain some powers that an elemental of the corresponding element would have. At fourth level an archdruid has learned some spells so well that she can cast them without needing to prepare them in advance and can cast them an unlimited amount of times per day. At seventh level, an archdruid has become so in sync with the natural world that she has a chance, based on her wisdom score, to retain in memory any spells that she casts.

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