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Tome Bound Master

RequirementsLevel 20 Warlock
20 Base Charisma
10 Points Spent in Academics Skill
10 Points Spent in Spellcraft Skill
Class FeatsL1: book of shadows
L4: mystic arcana
L7: tome of ancient secrets

Some warlocks choose to enter a pact with an otherwordly being for enhanced physical prowess. Others for the ability to char their foes with hellfire. The Tome Bound Master, however, chooses to enter a pact for access to arcane and forbidden knowledge, attainable through a singular devotion to their pact.

The Tome Bound Master is gifted an ancient tome of knowledge, called a Book of Shadows. This book contains useful cantrips that normally would be out of reach for them. As the Tome Bound Master gains power, this book will reveal further mysteries to them, allowing them access to powers that mortals were never meant to wield.

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