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The Silver Thread

The Silver thread is a group of good aligned powers that help out the goodies as best they can. They provide material help, research, and heads up.. There are four members.. If one dies, their student takes over.

Sebastian - The high cleric of Jarmila. His work as the High Cleric keeps him in Antioch and with responsibilities the other members do not have. He provides the most material help to the heroes of light in the realm.

Askurin - A golden dragon of Lathander, Askurin went missing before the silence and has not been seen since. There are rumors that Askurin picked his successor before he disappeared though those rumors point to a black dragon named Vasha so obviously those rumors are concerning.

Eric Kathor - A child researcher of Kismet who has been documenting activities of demons in the realm. He seems to know everything there is to know about demonic forces and wields power a child obviously couldn't.

Father Belanos - A friar who watches over the islands in the realm, Belanos is also an avid gambler. Of all the members Belanos is the most willing to bend rules in order to advance the cause of light.

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